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Efficient HPC Applications

Develop efficient HPC applications, incorporating several novel in-house tools, taking full advantage of the capabilities of next generation heterogeneous HPC systems.

Parallel FPGA-based systems

Develop FPGA-based systems utilized in CPS (e.g. multi drone-based surveillance system) and in Cloud (e.g. homomorphically encrypted data processing) environments.

Exploiting Research Results

Exploit the results from Research Centers in the areas of heterogeneous Cloud and HPC systems and applications by expanding/ tuning them to real industrial needs.

Our Solutions


Fully distributed novel simulator for parallel systems consisting of several thousands of processing nodes interconnected with any network protocol/technology; COSSIM can be executed in any grid/cloud/HPC platform and it is cycle accurate throughout the simulation, if needed.


Innovative simulator for heterogeneous parallel systems consisting of CPUs and Hardware Accelerators; the simulator can be executed in several thousands of nodes and can simulate tens of thousands of CPUs and Accelerators interconnected with any network protocol/technology.

FPGA-based HPC Systems

HPC prototype system consisting of over 150 FPGAs and 640 ARM cores that can be fully programmed using an extended version of OpenCL; ideal prototype for testing the efficiency of HPC applications when executed in new FPGA-based HPC

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Latest News



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