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EXAscale Performance SYStems

EXAPSYS (EXAscale Performance SYStems) plc is a start-up company exploiting several research results from FORTH and Synelixis Solutions SA, focusing on HPC systems and applications. The HPC and Embedded Systems group of Synelixis has moved to EXAPSYS, as well as researchers from TSI and FORTH. Moreover, the Synelixis’ IP from several Cloud and HPC projects has been transferred to EXAPSYS; similarly, EXAPSYS intends to use and exploit the results of FORTH from certain HPC projects. The aim of EXAPSYS is to develop highly parallel innovative applications for novel Cloud and HPC heterogeneous systems utilizing FPGAs and/or other accelerators (e.g. AI accelerators), meeting real industrial needs. The EXAPSYS core research and development team has extensive experience in developing a) Novel highly parallel applications for homogeneous and heterogeneous Systems, b) Efficient FPGA-based accelerators, c) Innovative Simulators for highly parallel heterogeneous systems.

Based on this vast experience EXAPSYS focuses on

Efficient HPC Applications

Develop efficient HPC applications, incorporating several novel in-house tools, taking full advantage of the capabilities of next generation heterogeneous HPC systems.

Parallel FPGA-based systems

Develop FPGA-based systems utilized in CPS (e.g. multi drone-based surveillance system) and in Cloud (e.g. homomorphically encrypted data processing)

Exploiting Research Results

Exploit the results from Research Centers in the areas of heterogeneous Cloud and HPC systems and applications by expanding/tuning them to real industrial needs.

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