RED-SEA (Network Solution for Exascale Architectures)

EuroEXA is a co-designed project funded by EU Horizon 2020. We are working to develop technologies that meet the demands of ExaScale computing – delivering a ground-breaking platform capable of scaling to peak performance of 400 PetaFLOPS, with a peak power system envelope of 30MW that approaches PUE parity through renewables and immersion-based cooling.

In short, we’re creating a system four times faster with four times the energy efficiency of today’s HPC systems.

To do that, we’re taking a holistic approach across the entire spectrum of HPC, rather than focusing on individual component optimisation or fault resilience. For every step of the solution, at every level of the stack, we’re working to resolve the key challenges of the development path:

• Energy Efficiency – creating platforms that are smaller and cooler, reducing both the cost per PetaFLOPS and its environmental impact.
• Resilience – ensuring that the integrated platform is not only robust across every component, but also manages faults without extended downtime.
• Performance and Scalability – producing a manageable platform that will continue to provide ExaScale performance as it grows in size and complexity.
• Programmability – harnessing open-source systems to ensure the widest possible applications.
• Practicality – ensuring the innovations we deliver have an impact beyond the theoretical, with real-world applications.

Project info

Coordinator : Institute of Communication and Computer Systems
Call & reference : H2020-EU.1.2.2. – FET Proactive – 754337
Starting date : 01/09/2017
Duration : 51 Months
Status : Running