FPGA HPC Systems

FPGA HPC Systems Under an agreement with FORTH EXAPSYS will use, extend, optimize and support a novel FPGA-based HPC prototype consisting of 160 Xilinx Ultrascale+ MPSoC FPGAs, 640 64-bit Arm Cores, 2.5 TeraBytes of DRAM memory, and 10 TeraBytes of Solid-State Disk (SSD) storage. System Architecture The prototype HPC...



ACSIM   A Novel Heterogeneous Systems Simulator that incorporate Custom Hardware Accelerators The growing use of hardware accelerators in both embedded (e.g. automotive) and high-end systems (e.g. Cloud infrastructure) triggers an urgent demand for simulation frameworks that can simulate in an integrated manner all the components (i.e. CPUs, Memories,...



COSSIM An Integrated Solution to Address the Simulator Gap for Parallel Heterogeneous Systems In an era of complex networked heterogeneous systems, simulating independently only parts, components or attributes of a system-under-design is not a viable, accurate or efficient option. The interactions are too many and too complicated to produce...