eProcessor (European, extendable, energy-efficient, energetic, embedded, extensible, Processor Ecosystem) The eProcessor project aims to build a new open source OoO processor and deliver the first completely open source European full-stack ecosystem based on this new RISC-V CPU. eProcessor technology will be extendable (open source), energy efficient (low power), extreme-scale...



OPTIMA (Optimizing Industrial Applications for Heterogeneous HPC Systems) Accelerators are devices that can provide very high performance and efficiency when executing certain applications. Towards this end, for certain HPC applications, Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) can significantly outperform GPUs which in turn significantly outperform CPUs. Therefore, it is highly desirable...



RED-SEA (Network Solution for Exascale Architectures) Network interconnects play an enabling role in HPC systems – and this will be even truer for the coming Exascale systems that will rely on higher node counts and increased use of parallelism and communication. Moreover, next-generation HPC and data-driven systems will be...